Wednesday, March 18, 2009

exam! chemy??? omg,,

siot,, exam lg bpe hri jer lagi,,
waaahh!!!!.. blaja larrwww,,, chemy suma tunggang langgang neyyhhh,,,,
adeh,,, sila2,, blaja,, non-stop aw,, smapai exam je!,, pastu nk rest,, rest lah,,


huh,, again,, more blisters on my shoulder,,,
[pain2!+ itchy!+there's a liquid which is d bug's acid inside!]
blame d beetlerove!!
rse cam nk bunuh sekor2!! vavi tul,,
luckily,, there are like 26 days in counting,,
before d exam starts,, yeah!
im gonna leave this place like less than a month!!
i dont have to worry about the bettlerove again n again,,,
i miss home!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


hrmmm.. seriously,, im quite disappointed with my friends,, they were like bwat2 lupe my birthday,,hahha,, even my roomates! hanney and fiqa,, there were like an A4-sized paper infront of our room,,,stated our background infos which includes our birth dates!!n how cud they didnt wish my brthday dat nite?huh,, thnked God my family sang a birthday song for me,, at least,, the least is better than nothing ayte,,huhu,, its kinda weird coz all of them were like keep away from me except zetty,,hah,, last wednesday..during assembly,, while she was concentrating,, gossiping with dnie,, i took one of her sandal and put it inside my bag,, so,, she had to walk from assmbly ground to her room,,"berKAKI chicky"lalalalal,, serve u right! dat time,, ive instct dat she might plan sumthing for my bday!! :p... hahahah,,,,,, til friday,, nurul sareeza azidin was like acting cool,, yelah,, not a single soul pon wish kan,,, keras cam tugu negara je lah!!suddenly,, last night,, as i were busy listening to one of a good friend of mine's problems... ztea came to me,, drag me away from shazlin,, n started crapping!! saying tat she wants me to sleep at her room,, wanna watch some kinda muvee lah.. ape lah,, tbe2,, someone came from d back,, blind fold me with tudung!!! shhttt,, i knew this kinda suprise "wuteva party" would happen dat nite!!! dggfvefefefdh(^&$^*!!!!! cessss,,, they tied me at a pole,, spread a mixture of flour+curry powder+soy sauce+ water!! d smell was like shhitty!!!! seriously busyok gila weyh,,, mandi 2 kali pon tak hilang2 bau,, siod!! but,, its okay,, its worth it babes!! rambut keras cm kayu!! apadaaa,,,huk2.. after dat... we all ate "ayam KFC".. thnx to pak tam!! for helping them! komplot!!! cess,,, hik2,, burpp,, knyang oh itu mlm! lalala,, btw,, thanx to ztea,kakya,dally,eyda,azmira,dnie,mira,shimbay,ekin,bear, xiedot,capek,n my beloved roomates, hney n fiqa.. for d suprise party!! n not to forget,,pak tam!! heee,, luv u guys!!! mucho baby!!!!!! :D

Friday, March 6, 2009


yeah,, finally,, im in shah alam!!yuuuhuuu..adek!kih2,,miss u bro,,well,,im kinda starving,, hek2,,waiting for my mum to finish up her works plus d auditors are still at her office,,shht,, please lah,, its already 8.30pm,, cant u guys like,,pack n go home!aishhh,, planning to eat at A&W,, yeah! i've been waiting like 3 weeks to eat strawberry-vanilla ice-cream waffle! because i cant even find A&W restaurant in penang!lalalalalalala,,come on! let's ber"waffle" guys! yeah!
[listening to: Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings]

hrmm,, this is me n my bro!,, we rock!

going back home!!

yeah,, currently, im packing my stuffs,, cuz tommorow im goin back to kl people,, dallydolly,, im gonna be at home by 6! while ur still in the bus waiting patiently with ayie,, i told u to join me! tata darling,,,yeayy.. cant wait,, i miss my family so much! hik2,, amer called me,, he got new blckberry phone,, waaaaa,,, its unfairr,, he's just 13 yrs of age.. huh,,,lalalalalla,, i dunt noe wut to type nymoree,,, gagagaga,, anyways, eqa! happy 19th bday! hoping that things going smooth in our friendship..hee,, kayh,, later,,,,daaa.. :p

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the best thing!

actually,, this is one of our english assignment,, its a story but we replace certain words with drawings,, lols,, its kinda interesting! y dont u try to translate the letter,, the time starts now!!!
credits to eyda : ideas, handwriting, drawing
ztea : ideas
azmira : ideas
sayza : pic! n ideas too,, :))
we are born to be creative.... lalalalalalalalala.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

hey there,,huhu.. i woke up late,,huk2,, thnked god my english teacher's sporting,,wahaha,,we worked on a resume,, coz starting from this week,, our theme for english syllabus is education,,next,,i skipped bio n chemy lectures,, :D,,malas oh!,, on9-ing at admin cafe from 10 until 1.. hehehe.. while my friend struggled to copy chemy lab report which need to b submitted by 2,, haaa.. :D there were like less than 15 homosapiens enjoyed wasting their time at cafe,
gossiping, eating,, on9-ing,, lols n etc.. hik2.. its reaaly obvious,,huhu.. at 1.30..i went back to my room,,planning to go to clinic to seek a help from any doctor who might help me to settle my problem with d beetle rove!!haiissshh.. malas gila kot,,huk2,,my roomate keep on reminding me to go back instead of wasting time at d cafe,,heeee.. such a caring roomate,, tats why i love u!huhuh,, at 2.3o, i was at d clinic,, damnn,, lots of peple there,,haih,,this is d reason why i dont want to go to clinic during class hour,, i rather sleep than waiting like 2 hrs to see d doctor for a less than 10 mins consultation,,wut a life,,huhuhu,,got back at college around 5.30!!! huh... rushed back to my room,,slept till 8.. hak2,, waahhh..lalalalalala ,, i dunt noe wut to type nymore,, lols,,haa!tonite,, my roomates n i are planning to prank a friend for her bday!lolss,, gtg,, yeahhh,, let rock on baby!! im in cruel-mode! later yaww..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

im happy..

hey2,,hi there,, i just created a blog! lols,im so sEXcited!..heee,,well,, a friend of mine did introduce me bout this blog thingy like few months back,,,i was like eager to create one,, jz that didnt have time,, but now,here i am,,duhh,, what am i crapping shttt,,hrm, sareeza,, im not yet eighteen! lols,, :D.. studying in penang.. at penang matriculation college!! hrmm,,most of d time.. im quiet "chachat" especially with my psycho friends,,haha,,yea2.. its been 3 weeks since d last time i went back home! i miss my family especially shinchan.. dude, i miss u like hell,,mama n ayah,, i did miss u guys too,,huk2,, FYI, i was bitten by stupid bugs called "chali",, its actually d beetle rove,, i hate 'em so much,, they made me suffer like "only He knows"..haishh,, pity me,,hah!hrmm,,i think dats all for now,, he2,,gotta finish my works! "chemy report" which need to be submitted by 2 pm, tomorrow.. yeah,later guys.. :D
this is me!